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After you have been arrested and charged with a criminal act, it is important to take steps to ensure that your rights and freedoms remain intact. Understanding the charges that are against you is extremely important and hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney can greatly benefit your case. Most people accused of a crime, regardless if the crime is a felony or a misdemeanor, do not fully understand the laws or penalties pertaining to their charge.

A qualified Temecula criminal defense attorney can help you comprehend the charges and offer guidance in navigating the complexities of the Riverside County judicial system while aggressively fighting for your case. Attorney Cocis is a 10.0 Superb rated lawyer on Avvo and has helped numerous clients and procured positive case results time and again.

Defending the Accused in Riverside County

At the Law Office of Nicolai Cocis, we are proud to serve the citizens of Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Wildomar, Lake Elsinore, Winchester, Perris, Banning, Hemet, Corona and Riverside. We defend individuals who are accused of committing any type of State or Federal crime, including domestic violence charges, burglary, drug crimes, DUI charges, sex crimes, embezzlement and grand theft. We are also available to defend minors who are accused of juvenile crimes.

It is a criminal offense to attempt to cause violent injury to another person when coupled with the present ability to do so. This is punishable with a fine not to exceed $1,000 and imprisonment in county jail for up to six months; however, the penalties can be elevated with aggravating circumstances.

Domestic Violence
California Penal Codes 243(e)(1) and 273.5 state that any injury that is inflicted on a spouse, girlfriend, fiancé or someone with whom you are romantically involved, that causes physical bodily injury that is visible is considered domestic violence. Domestic violence can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony.

Drug Crimes
California takes possession of drugs with intent to sell very seriously. Whether you've been arrested for selling meth, cocaine, marijuana or heroin, it is important that you understand all the penalties you could be facing.

If you were pulled over by the police or stopped at a sobriety checkpoint and arrested for driving under the influence, you still have rights. There are times when police officers make mistakes or field sobriety tests could fail and you may have been wrongly accused. DUI charges carry lengthy jail times, hefty fines and loss of driving privileges. Whether it's your 1st, 2nd, 3rd or more DUI, call us. We can help!

Federal Charges
Federal crimes cover any actions that are illegal under the federal legislation. Tax evasion, possession of illegal weapons, mail fraud, embezzlement, crimes that take place on a military base or federal park and some drug-related crimes can all be filed in Federal court. If you have been accused of a federal crime, it is important that you understand all the penalties you could be facing. You should contact our law office as soon as possible.

Juvenile Offenses
If your minor child has been accused of committing a crime, it is important that you hire a Riverside County juvenile defense attorney. Criminal records can have a very negative impact for the rest of the minor's life. On occasion, juvenile crimes will be referred to the "adult court" and the minor could be tried as an adult. Learn more here about different penalties that your child could be facing.

Sex Crimes
Molestation, lewd acts, unlawful intercourse with a minor, rape, indecent exposure and possession of child pornography are all considered sex crimes. If you are convicted of a sex crime, you face jail time, probation and fines. Under California Penal Code 290, you will be required to register for life as a sex offender for the rest of your life.

Theft offenses can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies. Depending on the amount of money or value of the goods that were stolen, you could be charged with petty theft or grand theft. Any conviction of a theft crime can lead to jail time, high fines and restitution.

Aggressive Defense - Compassionate Legal Team

You are always innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If you have been accused of any of these crimes, we can help. Contacting an experienced Temecula criminal defense attorney from the Law Office of Nicolai Cocis can greatly benefit your case. We are confident that we will provide you with the best legal counsel.

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  • DA's Office Ordered to Return Money to Victims $360,000 in Asset Forfeiture From Burglary
  • Criminal Charges Not Filed 100 lbs. of Marijuana with Intent to Sell
  • Drug Diversion 2 lbs. of Marijuana with Intent To Sell
  • Avoided Lengthy Jail Sentence 3rd DUI While on Probation for 2nd DUI
  • Reduced to Infraction and Misdemeanor 4 Felony Insurance Fraud Charges
  • In-custody rehab. Avoided years of prison time. 4th-time DUI While On Probation for 2nd and 3rd-time DUI

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