DUI and License Suspension

DUI & License Suspensions in Temecula, CA

Protecting Your Driving Privileges

California courts sentence people to some of the harshest penalties for driving under the influence (DUI) in the nation. Unfortunately, those who stand accused of DUI often fail to understand that the collateral consequences created by a DUI charge or conviction can be just as, if not more, devastating than the criminal penalties at stake. Among the many repercussions after a DUI arrest, license suspensions are frequently the most concerning.

Many people, especially those in Southern California, depend entirely on their ability to drive as a means of daily transportation to work and to take care of necessary appointments and tasks. When your driving privileges are suspended or revoked, numerous professional, personal, and financial setbacks can arise.

In light of this potential domino effect, it is of the utmost importance that anyone accused of DUI remain aware of the license penalties they face, the legal and administrative procedures involved, and the ways in which they can take steps to protect their driving privileges.

License Suspensions

DUI penalties that concern your license can vary considerably depending on a number of factors, including the nature and severity of your DUI charge and your prior criminal record. When calculating the duration of a suspension of revocation, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will view any DUI conviction within 10 years of your new arrest as a prior offense. Prior convictions include California DUIs, out-of-state DUIs, and any wet-reckless convictions. If you do have a prior offense or multiple prior convictions, then you will face enhanced license penalties. Our law firm can help you better understand what penalties may be involved in your unique case.

DMV Hearings

In California, anyone who has been arrested and / or charged with any DUI offense will face administrative hearings with the DMV. DMV hearings are conducted independently of any criminal proceedings relating to your DUI charge; they concern only your driving privileges and focus solely on the circumstances surrounding your arrest. DMV hearings do not address whether you are guilty of a criminal offense.

While there is no legal requirement that you request a DMV hearing, it is your only opportunity to state your side of the story to the DMV and defend against license suspension. If you wish to defend your driving privileges in a DMV hearing, you must request a hearing within 10 calendar days of the date you were arrested.

DMV hearings are conducted to determine whether there is sufficient reason to dismiss or sustain the initial license suspension that took effect upon your arrest. Working with a proven Temecula DUI lawyer during this process can ensure that you are fully prepared to present any and all evidence in your favor. 

Equipped with 25 years of experience and insight into DMV administrative hearings, Attorney Nicolai Cocis is fully prepared to represent clients during DMV hearings, as well as during their criminal cases. By focusing on the facts surrounding your arrest, the arresting protocol of the law enforcement officers, and the evidence of any chemical tests that were taken, Attorney Cocis can work toward creating effective strategies that can preserve your driving privileges.

Retain a Proven Temecula Criminal Defense Attorney

As your ability to drive is so closely intertwined with your personal, professional, and financial well-being — and because DMV hearings may be your only opportunity to defend your driver's license — you cannot afford to work with an attorney who is not fully invested in your case. At the Law Office of Nicolai Cocis, our legal team goes the extra mile to immediately provide you with the information, support, and legal counsel you need to successfully navigate these difficult experiences. Time is of the essence in these cases, so we strongly encourage you to reach out to our firm for assistance as soon as possible after your arrest. Learn more about the penalties you may face and what can be done to protect your license.

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