What Happens When the Authorities Make Mistakes in Cases Involving Drug Possession and Related Crimes?

The legal system has its fair share of errors, a reality that can be scary to think about. Mistakes resulting in misleading evidence or wrongful arrests occur more commonly than you think.

Examples of mistakes

One recent example involves a California man who was arrested and jailed on two separate occasions, several years apart, after a drug bust. He has spent a total of 28 days behind bars. Alarmingly, his arrest warrant on both occasions was based on mistaken identity. And even after the mistakes were uncovered, it took days for him to be released.

When it comes to drug possession and related crimes, law-enforcement officials and other people employed by the criminal justice system may perform raids on the wrong house, arrest the wrong people, act on tips from unreliable informants, mishandle evidence or collect it in an unconstitutional way, or botch evidence analysis. For example, a crime lab in Northern California recently revealed errors in part of its testing for methamphetamine use; the lab didn't use the right chemical when evaluating 2500 blood samples collected from people who had been arrested.

Call a lawyer

An experienced defense attorney will be on your side, advocating for you and remaining vigilant about mistakes made by the criminal justice system. You need someone who will carefully examine all the evidence against you and immediately act on any errors discovered. With an attorney on your side, you'll reduce the chances of having your life destroyed by arrests and convictions based on mistakes.

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