Only Guilty People Are Arrested. Right?

Many people say that they do not have to be concerned about DUI laws because they will not drink and drive. These individuals assume that because they are innocent of drinking and driving, they are immune from being arrested.

Woman Falsely Arrested on DUI Related Charges

The case of a Wisconsin woman named Tanya Weyker who was falsely arrested for DUI related charges has come to the attention of the national media. The incident began after the car of a Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputy ran a stop sign and rammed into Weyker's car, sending it spinning out of control and hitting a tree. Weyker's neck was broken in four places, though she managed to avoid being paralyzed.

The real nightmare began on the scene when Weyker was being interviewed while undergoing treatment. She admitted to taking a few sips from a friend's drink and that she had been prescribed Vicodin, though she had not taken the pain medication in a week. Because the interviewing deputies described her speech as slurred and her eyes red and puffy, they arrested her on five charges, including drunk driving causing an injury. Because of her injuries, a Breathalyzer or other sobriety test on the scene was impossible.

The problem was that when the blood tests came back, they proved to be negative for alcohol or drugs. Even though the local DA had declined to prosecute, Weyker was not informed. Furthermore the Sheriff's Deputy wrote in his official report that he had come to a complete stop at the stop sign and that he had not seen Weyker's headlights, neither of which happened to be true.

Ten months later, even though surveillance video showed that the Sheriff's Deputy was responsible for the accident, law enforcement has continued to press Weyker to pay for the damages surrounding the accident. For her part, Weyker has filed a complaint against the Sheriff's Deputy and may file a civil rights law suit to recover the cost of her own medical bills.

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