Lake Elsinore DUI Checkpoint Lands Riverside County Residents In Hot Water

Several dozen people were cited or arrested after officers from the Lake Elsinore Police Department conducted a drivers' license/DUI checkpoint the night between Friday, Sept. 20 and Saturday, Sept. 21.

Officers stationed themselves at the intersection of State Highway 74 and the El Toro cutoff in Lake Elsinore between 7 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Some 896 vehicles went through the checkpoint. Two drivers were made to undergo field sobriety tests and 21 unlicensed or suspended drivers were cited. Sixteen vehicles were impounded for 30 days and officers served eight misdemeanor warrants.

On top of that, a 50-year-old San Jacinto woman and a 36-year-old Menifee man were arrested for drug-related offenses. It was not disclosed which type of drugs were allegedly at issue here.

Although not all of these offenses sound terribly serious at first glance, it would be a mistake to take them too lightly. It is not uncommon for people to think that they are not going to face severe legal consequences and find out later, after it is too late, that they were wrong.

One way to ensure that you are responding to a DUI charge or misdemeanor allegation correctly is to retain a criminal defense attorney. These attorneys are familiar with the relevant law and, ideally, have represented clients in your situation before. This makes them helpful allies to have in your corner.

Since 1999, we have represented hundreds of individuals who were arrested for driving under the influence. If you are interested in finding a Riverside County criminal defense attorney, you are welcome to contact us as part of your determination of whom you would like to represent you. We offer a free and confidential consultation.

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