Understanding California Expungement Rules

Those who have been convicted of certain crimes may be eligible to have their records purged. This process is known as an expungement and offers numerous benefits to those who simply have a record because of a mistake that altered their lives. First, it is important to know that not everyone who has been convicted of a crime is eligible to have their record expunged.

Non-eligible convictions

Convictions that resulted in time being served in a state prison are not eligible for expungement. In addition, crimes that include any charges of sexual offenses are eligible to be expunged from your record, however, you must still register as a sex offender.

Benefits of expungement

When a record is expunged in California, it is important to understand it may take some time to wipe the information out of background check databases. However, when you apply for a job, you may legally answer no if you are asked if you have been convicted of a crime. It is generally a good idea to include "record expunged" in the event there is information in a database if a background check will be run. Even after a successful expungement, you must still disclose your conviction when applying for job as a police officer or when applying for a license from the State of California. However, in most cases, this information will not be held against you for the purposes of obtaining a license.

Dangers to be aware of

Expunging a felony charge will not allow you to own or possess a firearm under United States laws. In addition, expunged crimes may be counted against you and result in more severe sentencing for future crimes.

If you are uncertain if you are eligible to have your record expunged, contact us. Your criminal record in Temecula, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Hemet, Corona or Riverside may be holding you back from securing a job or finding housing. We can help you understand the process, file the needed paperwork and appear in court on your behalf.

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