Charges Against Menifee Teen Are No Mere Juvenile Law Matter | Temecula, Murrieta and Hemet Defense Lawyer for Minors

The mother of Menifee teenager who has been accused of killing his sibling has vowed to stand by her son, no matter what.

The 16-year-old boy is accused of murdering his younger brother, who was last seen the night of July 6, 2013. Hundreds of volunteers participated in a search-and-rescue effort before it was learned that the boy was deceased.

Due to the victim's age, police have not elaborated on how the boy died, or what it was that led them to believe his brother had killed him.

We can only imagine the stress and anxiety the mother of these two boys is facing. She told the Press Enterprise recently that she had "already lost one son" and "didn't want to lose (her) second." Her determination in the face of such trying circumstances is truly admirable.

A mother's support and conviction are surely appreciated at this frightening time. In order to provide the accused boy with his full suite of rights, though, the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney will be required.

The boy has been accused of murder and the charges against him are tricky, since both the accused and the victim are juveniles. Needless to say, a lot hangs in the balance here.

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